Oaken Hollow

Oaken Hollow refers to both the town itself and the surrounding woods that encompasses it.  The town is a bustling trade center for the region due to its very central location in Northern Estia.  

The town itself has several key businesses.

The Dragon's Knuckle is the towns prominent tavern owned and operated by Forba McHammerfist, a mountain dwarf who used his adventuring earnings to settle down.  It is also co-owned by a halfling named Durham but he's usually too drunk to coherently do anything but drink.  

Eagle Eye is a fletchery owned and operated by an old avial named Teba Windex.

Spells & Scrolls is a spell shop operated by Rose Thornwood a young tiefling woman.

The Keton Armorer is an armor shop run by the Keton family, and usually run by their son, Marcus who is a very timid boy.

The Mountain Forge is the weapon shop run by a dwarf named Flint.

Finally, the Altec Apothecary is a potion shop run by Sylvia Altec, an elf who once had some sort of relationship with Durham but must have ended badly.

Oaken Hollow

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